Date Club Location Class
2005-03-13 Top Cat Club Stockholm
Kristina Rautio

Type/Typ Could be tiny bit larger for the age. Nice length at the body. Nice firm body. Nice strong boning, heavy in weight.
Head/Huvud Nicely developed head. Ex length, nice broadness. Already a little bit straight on profile, good chin.
Eyes/Ögon Ex shape and size. Colour still developing. Nice ragdoll expression.
Ears/Öron Nice shape and size. Could be a little bit lower set and more tilted.
Coat/Päls Could have a little bit less undercoat. Super show presentation. Nicely developed points for the age.
Tail/Svans Ex shape and length. Nicely coated and coloured.
Condition/Kondition Ex show condition. Complains but behaves.
General impression/
Generellt intryck
Promising ragdoll baby girl
Resultat Ex 1