Date Club Location Class Judge
2008-02-24 Östkatten Nyköping
Kristina Rautio

Type/Typ Still very much a teenager and developing. Medium in size. Nice really long, firm body. Nice strong boning. Big paws (stoora tassarna)
Head/Huvud Nice length of the head. Nice box, a bit straight in profile. Could have little firmer chin. Nice prominent cheekbones.
Eyes/Ögon Ex shape and size. Ex wild maine coon look
Ears/Öron Medium in size. Nicely set. Tiny lynx tufts. Could be more broad at base

Ex texture, silky, close laying. Nicely presented for the show. Nice contrast between markings and ground colour.

Tail/Svans Ex shape. Really looooong in proportion with the body
Condition/Kondition SUPER! Loverly condition. lovely temperament
General impression/
Generellt intryck
Mycket lovande ung maine coon tjej - en liten princess!
Very promising young maine coon girl - a little princess!
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