Date Club Location Class
2008-05-17 Elfsborgskatten Ulricehamn
Kristiina Rautio

Type/Typ Lovely in size, big female. Beautiful length of the body. Likes her food. Ex strong boning, ex strong legs
Head/Huvud Nice shape and length. Ex profile. Ex firm chin. Nice flatness on top. Could have little wider top.
Eyes/Ögon SUPER! Ex shape and size. Ex deep blue colour. Ex real ragdoll expression.
Ears/Öron Nice shape and size. Could be just tiny bit lower set for perfection
Coat/Päls Ex length and texture. Ex silky dropping down. Could have little less white on body for perfection
Tail/Svans Ex shape. Could be tiny bit longer. Ex colour
Condition/Kondition SUPER! 100% show condition! Typical lady!
General impression/
Generellt intryck

Really impressive ragdoll female. A princess!

Result/Resultat HP+NOM