Date Club Location Class Judge
2007-01-20 Nerikes kattklubb Örebro
Kristiina Rautio

Type/Typ Lovely size for the age. Nice lenght of the body. Lovely baby round belly. Ex strong boning. Strong legs. Large paws!
Head/Huvud Nice length of the head. Ex defined box, promising profile. Ex firm chin. Ex prominent cheekbones.
Eyes/Ögon Ex shape and size, Beautiful wild Maine Coon look
Ears/Öron Medium in size. Ex set, nice lynx tufts

Ex baby coat texture, silky, close lying. 100% show presentation. Tiny collar, nice trousers

Tail/Svans Ex shape, good length in proportion with the body
Condition/Kondition SUPER!! Wonderful condition, lovely temperament
General impression/
Generellt intryck
Really promising sweet baby male (I love you!)
Resultat Ex1+BOV + NOM