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Top Cat Club Stockholm
Kristina Rautio

Type/Typ Lovely size for the age. Nice length of the body. Ex strong boning. Nice heavy in weight. Already broad shoulders.
Head/Huvud Nice broadness already. Nice length, promising profile. Nice foreheade, fine chin, could have more flat top of the head.
Eyes/Ögon Ex shape and size. Nice ragdoll expression. Medium blue eye colour.
Ears/Öron Could be tiny bit lower set and more tilted forward. Nice size and shape.
Coat/Päls Could have tiny bit less under-coat. Nicely developed points for the age. Beautiful show preparation. Nice texture.
Tail/Svans Ex shape, nice length. Nicely coated and coloured
Condition/Kondition SUPER! Wonderful show condition. Very sweet temperament!
General impression/
Generellt intryck
Promising young ragdoll male
Resultat Ex 1+BIV-J+V