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Adelkatten, Norge Dal
Kristina Rautio

Type/Typ Still very much a teenager and developing. Nice in size. Ex long firm body. Ex strong boning, heavy.
Head/Huvud Needs time to develop. Nice width and length, a bit straight on profile. Could have wider and more flat top of the head.
Eyes/Ögon Keeps them a bit round. Wonderful deep blue eyecolour.
Ears/Öron Could be little bit lower set and tilted more forward. Nice size and shape.
Coat/Päls Wonderful coat texture, not too much undercoat, silky, close laying. Ex even points for a blue.
Tail/Svans Ex shape, beautifully coated, nice length, fully coloured.
Condition/Kondition SUPER! Wonderful show condition, lovely sweet and gentle temperament.
General impression/
Generellt intryck
Promising young ragdoll male who just needs time to develop.
Resultat CACIB+BIV+ Internationell Champion