Scandinavian Winner 2005

Borås, Sweden

Diesels home during the SW Show

Judgement time for Diesel

S*Ayasse Diesel of Ruffle's judged by Lone Lund

Lone Lund looks deep into Diesels eyes

S*Ayasse Diesel of Ruffle's with Jeanette Gagner

Happy assistants!

Not so happy assistants.....

Diesel loves staying at the Grand Hotel!

Our friend Håkan got the couch....

And Diesel's friend Comet slept under the couch...

A room with a view

From the top of Borås....

Diesels competitor in the nomination (N) Tojo Polaris Freddie Mercury

Nomination by Lone Lund - the MCO won

S*Ayasse Diesel of Ruffle's and Nisse

S*Bogekatten's Goranda

Judge Hannah Jensen

Our friend Håkan in the typical afternoon show position....

Håkan again............

and again.............

A view over the price table

More prices

Yet another view of the prices

Before the finals

All SW's on the scene

All SW's on the scene

A view from the show

Another view from the show