The Rolling Stones Singleton Litter

Född /DoB 2009-10-13

S*Ruffle's Sympathy for the Devil
Hane/Male MCO n
Födelsevikt/Birth weight: 167 gr
Aktuell vikt/Current weight: 3087 gr (15 weeks)
Status: Stannar hos oss / Stays with us
"Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste"

DK Bearcloud Poison Pen
MCO f22
HCM DNA neg/neg
Heart ultrasound OK 2009-07-08
CH DK Castle Rock Rhythm Divine
MCO as22
HCM DNA neg/neg
Heart ultrasound OK 2007-05-15
Heart ultrasound OK 2009-06-10

Viktutveckling /Weight diagram