Enyakullen / The Enya litter
DoB 2005-08-30

Mor / Mother
Far / Father
S*My Friend Enya, RAG a04
EC S*Krickelin's Ambrose, RAG n

S*Ruffle's Shepard Moons 'Måns' / RAG a04, Male/Neuter
12 weeks
6 months
Måns/Moons is living with Maria and family in Nyköping
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S*Ruffle's Wild Child 'Wilda' (RAG n04, Female)
12 weeks
6 months
Wilda lives with S*Rufle's Stormy Monday and Jenny in Linköping
More pictures here and at Wilda's own page

Kulldagbok (Diary in Swedish only)
Viktutveckling (Weight diagram)