DK Bearcloud Poison Pen
  MCO f22
DoB 2008-07-24
Weight 5,5 kg
  Spayed October 2010
Genotype Aa Dd ii ss tbtb ww Oo
Heart (ultrasound)
OK 2009-07-08
  OK 2010-05-26
  MybPC3 DNA Negative by parents
US/DK MTNest Jackman of Broadsway
US/DK Broadsway Gloria of Bearcloud
Penny, Penny! Så vacker, så snäll, så underbar!
Vi känner oss priviligierade och stolta över förtroendet att få dela hem med denna underbara tjej!
Tusen tack Pil & Thomas!!
Penny, Penny! So beautiful, so gentle, so wonderful!
We feel priviledged and proud for the opportunity to share our home with this wonderful girl!
A million thanks to you Pil & Thomas!!
May 2010, 1 year and 9 months old
Feb 2010, 1 year and 7 months old
August 2009, 1 year old
June 2009
April 2009
7 mån/months, Feb 2009
5 mån/months
Penny 3 m
Penny 5 w