The Aretha Franklin litter
DoB 2005-01-14

CH S*Kaserna's Hanja, RAG n03
EC S*Dagpers Arvid, RAG a

S*Ruffle's Dr. Feelgood, Male, RAG a03 (Neuter)
Dr. Feelgood, 12 weeks
Dr. Feelgood 'Chagall' 1 year old
'Chagall' lives with Kerstin & Christer in Juan-les-Pins, France.

S*Ruffle's Jimmy Lee, Male, RAG n
(Njurar + hjärta ultaljudat OK 2006-05-18
Ultrasound of kidneys and heart OK 2006-05-18)
Jimmy 12 weeks
Jimmy May 2006
Jimmy lives with Fredrik & Vera in Oxelösund, Sweden

S*Ruffle's I Say A Little Prayer, Female, RAG a03

S*Ruffle's Who's Zoomin' Who, Male, RAG n03 (Neuter)
Zoom 12 weeks
Zoom 'Matisse' 1 year
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'Matisse' live together with his brother 'Chagall' with Kerstin & Christer in Juan-les-Pins, France

Kulldagbok (Diary in Swedish only)