Deep Purple kullen / The Deep Purple litter
featuring 'Göran'
DoB 2005-12-11

Mor / Mother
Far / Father

S*Ruffle's Child in Time, MCO f22, Female
Owner: Jane and Olle at S*A-Laget's, Orsa, Sweden
Heart ultrasound OK Feb 2007
13 weeks
2,5 år/years

S*Ruffle's Strange Kind of Woman, MCO f22, Female
Owner: Johanna in Trelleborg, Sweden
13 weeks
5 months

S*Ruffle's Highway Star, MCO d22, Male
Owner: Mia & Marcus, Linköping, Sweden
13 weeks
6 months

S*Ruffle's Lazy, MCO n22, Male
Owner: Janne & Jane, Rosenfors, Sweden
HCM/Kidneys OK 2007-06-27
13 weeks
2,5 år/years

S*Ruffle's Fireball a k a Göran, MCO d22, Male
Owner: Anette & Tobbe at S*CruelCoon's, Linköping, Sweden
Heart ultrasound OK 2007-03-21
13 weeks
3,5 years old

Kulldagbok (Diary in Swedish only) Uppdat 2006-02-08

Special thanks to our friends Git and Håkan for being there!